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Kids Gardens
One of the best activities for children is gardening, it’s a chance to look at the world in a totally different way and a way for children to learn more about themselves. I can work with you as a family or one-on-one with a child in creating a garden that is easy to care for and fun to watch as it grows. Whether it’s a patio garden with a few plants in pots or a large raised bed, it is a great accomplishment and tasty too.

Edible and Medicinal Plants

It is amazing the abundance of plants that have qualities beyond their ascetics. Very few people ever make full use of the space outside their house. Why make your yard a glorified expensive painting when you could make it so much more? Mint groundcover for tea, lemon for a fresh salad dressing, lavender with your eggs in the morning, aloe vera for that sunburn and the list goes on …. Make use of all that soil, I can help.

Zeroscaping and permiculture

The newest of buzz words in gardening have extreme value and significance to our impact on the planet. We don’t live in the Midwest where it rains a quarter of every month so why do we plant long stretches of water hungry grass? There is such an abundance of drought tolerant, fog loving plants here in California that are not only beautiful but significant to the animals that have called this place home long before we were here. And for those plants that prefer a drink or two, why not capture the winter rains or the water from your tub. Nature understands the importance of balance and our overuse of chemicals to try for some fake control does nothing more than disturb an effective system and the expense of your pocketbook. Intelligent design is incredibly beautiful.

Outdoor ideas

Whether you are tired of your whole yard or just have a tough corner, or maybe you need help setting up a drip system, or just not sure what to do in place of a lawn? I can help. Living in the Monterey/Bay area makes you a lucky person, there is so many plants to choose from, just tell me your ideas of what you like and I can help you create the landscape you have always desired.

Indoor ideas

Is your office space dull? Want to bring the landscape inside to complement your fabulous yard? Need to make gifts for people and want to do something different? Since our winters are mild many of us forget about indoor planting as an option to decorate our homes and office or provide fresh herbs for our kitchen. Terrariums are fun to have on book shelves, orchids to spruce up a boring bathroom,  herb garden hydroponics, or a large tropical tree to complement a tall staircase. And don’t forget table centerpieces, fresh flowers are nice but a potted plant will last so much longer; a great way to make a special occasion last well beyond the wilted bouquet.

Pest management and Solutions for Healthier plants

There is no such thing as pest or disease control, pest have outwitted humans for centuries and continue to do so today. The best anyone can do is manage a situation and with all the harsh chemicals that are out today, don’t simply trust a spray without knowing the extent of the situation.  I have been schooled in pest and disease management which, simply put, looks at multiple possibilities to solve a problem.  The first and most important is determining why the problem is there, some of the most common reasons for pest and disease problems are poor nutrition (poor soil), to much water, and wrong climate (too shady, too salty, heavy soil).   Plants in stress will attract problems, solve that first then determine if further actions are necessary, then use the least harmful method possible.

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